Authentic Nike Shoes Liquidation Pallet For Sale


Authentic Nike Shoes Liquidation Pallet For Sale


This pallets contains 50 pairs of mix authentic Nike for both men and women .

All sizes available.

Authentic Nike Shoes Liquidation Pallet For Sale


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Authentic Nike Shoes Liquidation Pallet For Sale

For Sale Is An Authentic Nike Shoes Liquidation Pallet Nike men’s shoes are built using the newest Nike innovations such as Flyknit, Zoom, and Air to keep you secure and comfortable no matter what sport you’re playing. Shop men’s shoes by style, technology, or sport, and keep an eye out for new releases for the latest styles.

Wholesale Inventory Authentic Nike Shoes Liquidation Pallet For Sale For Any Sales Channel

Liquidation Pallet is your one-stop shop for liquidations, closeouts, retail returns, and refurbished merchandise. Large retailers and manufacturers simply did not have the right channels to dump unsold and returned items in the past.

Today, this inventory is packaged into wholesale lots and sold off to the highest bidder on marketplaces like, who then resells the merchandise for a profit through their own sales channels.

We have high quality items available at wholesale costs that you can turn into profits for your business no matter which channel you sell via.

Who Buys Authentic Nike Shoes Liquidation Pallet For Sale From UsOnline Sellers (EbayAmazon)

You’ve come to the perfect location if you need to source products for online markets like Ebay or Amazon. To expand and scale your business and become a power seller, you need a consistent source of goods.

Purchasing and reselling wholesale lots containing retail returns, overstock, and other forms of excess inventory is one of the most common and successful ways to do this.

Liquidation Palletz is the largest online wholesale liquidation marketplace in the United States, with thousands of products available in over 100 different product categories at any given moment. Depending on your inventory requirements, we sell by carton, pallet, LTL, or truckload.

Exporters of Authentic Nike Shoes Liquidation Pallet For Sale

Is your company located outside of the United States? Do you want to sell high-quality wholesale bulk items in international markets? You’ve arrived to the correct location!

Palletz Liquidation serves hundreds of multinational clients from all over the world. We can help clients with international shipments ranging from pallets to entire shipping containers. If you require the assistance of a customs broker for international shipments, please contact our customer care staff, who will gladly assist you.

Wholesalers & Distributors

These customers are typically brokers, discount retail chains, or other liquidators who buy by the truckload. If you are a wholesale distributor seeking for large quantities of merchandise, you have come to the perfect place.

Off Price & Discount Retailers

We are your one-stop shop for wholesale bulk products to outfit your off-price retail store or chain. Countless discount and off-price businesses rely on us for merchandise.

In addition to our own in-house reconditioned consumer electronics inventory, we carry a large range of retail returns, shelf pulls, overstock, and end-of-life devices. Whatever inventory you require, you can sure we have it in cartons, pallets, LTLs, and truckloads.

Flea Marketers

Are you a flea market vendor seeking to maximize your profit potential? We have access to name brand inventory from the nation’s top retailers and manufacturers. Consider tapping into the surplus inventory and customer returns market by buying high quality wholesale lots from us. Authentic Nike Shoes Liquidation Pallet For Sale

Why Source Authentic Nike Shoes Liquidation Pallet For Sale From Liquidation Palletz

  • More profit – Bulk buy inventory and save big. We have 6 convenient warehouse locations to ship from allowing you to reduce your freight costs by shipping from a location close to you (AR, KY, IN, SC and Toronto, ON)
  • No middle man – We are the direct liquidation agent for top national retailers and manufacturers. Buy direct from the source and cut out the middle man. We sell virgin loads that are not cherry picked.
  • Large volume – We can provide you with access to inventory quantities as large as truckloads across over 100 different product categories whether you need untouched General Merchandise, Apparel or sorted Customer Returns. Spend less time sourcing and more time selling.
  • Less risk – All of our lots are fully manifested **. You can see what you are buying before you actually bid.
  • High quality inventory – Our lots consist primarily of retail returns often in the original packaging. Brand new overstock and unsold inventory is available as well.
  • Save time – We also sell sorted customer returns pallets in over 40 different sorting categories. No need to buy a pallet of junk and sort it yourself, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you already.
  • Steady supplier – We receive a steady stream of new inventory by the truckload to make sure you stay in stock.

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